Our professionals have the integrity, acumen and experience to compete in today's complex real estate market.

Our team is a cohesive group of individuals with years of experience in major real estate transactions. Our partners are members of a family that has produced generations of wealth through real estate ownership and development. Two key members of our executive team, Richard A. Kessler and James E. Stifel, provide management continuity, having worked for the Benenson family for 25 years and 15 years, respectively. A third member of that team, Lloyd D. Stabiner, is a CPA with 35 years of financial and tax experience.

Our organization has been streamlined for productivity and flexibility. Few other real estate companies have responsibility for more property value per employee. That is a direct result of our core values of being lean and decisive, while leveraging our experience, resources and strong asset base through strategic relationships. Members of our team are identified below. Click "Profile" below each name for an individual's profile.


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